Fair-Blue Club, Inc.
Want to Join the Fun?

Contact Information
For more information or questions about membership opportunities, please contact us at moreinfo@fairblueclub.com OR stop by the pool after the season starts!

2005 Fair Blue Lane
Wilmington, DE 19810
(302) 475-8133

Memberships are Available
Your family can be part of the fun by purchasing from the club a bond (a one time fee) and paying membership dues on a yearly basis. A Fair Blue bond costs $350 plus a one time processing fee of $10.  As an alternative, there is an payment option for a three month period plus a $25 payment option.  Lastly, a recent third option has been developed for a limited number of new bondholders:  

If a new member chooses this new option, payment towards the bond fee will be waived during the new member’s first year, while only being required to pay membership dues, maintenance fee and any assessment fee determined by the Board.   During the next successive three years, the bond fee payments will be required as follows:

On or before May 1st of Year 2 – payment of $125

On or before May 1st of Year 3 – payment of $125

On or before May 1st of Year 4 – final payment of $100 + $25 administrative fee = $125

Once the bond payment is paid in full, the bond will be issued to the new bondholder.  The bondholder may accelerate the payments of the bond fee at anytime during the payment period.  Should a member decide to relinquish their membership anytime during this payment period, any payments towards the bond fee will be forfeited. 

As a bondholder you are now a part owner of a 6+ acre swim club in Brandywine Hundred! Click here to download a Bond Application and Membership/Dues Form.